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Friday, November 11th, 2016
Listen up, folks.

It's two plus days later, and an enormous number of us are still sitting here in shock, asking over and over, "How did this happen?!" That's completely understandable. I'm still in that state myself. But, everyone, there are some cold, hard truths we need to understand immediately.

We need to quit playing the blame game against each other. It's incredibly, deeply counterproductive. When it comes right down to it, Trump won because there are far more rednecks in this country than we realized, and those varying shades of rednecks are far more cohesive and unified than we intelligent, educated, socio-politically aware people are. And he can and will do unspeakable damage that will extend far beyond his four to eight years in office if we do not QUIT BLAMING EACH OTHER AND GET IT TOGETHER. Not in six months. Not in a year. RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

I'd like to point out that Trump has not, in fact, technically won yet. That it isn't official until December 19 when the electors actually vote. The possibility exists that this can still be stopped. Yes, it's a very slim possibility. An incredible long shot. But long shots happen. HISTORY HAPPENS.

The protests immediately following the election were a good start, but they need to continue. Every damn day in every city possible for the next five weeks. Nonviolent, coherent, and loud protests. The only way to beat this is to demonstrate that we will not quietly accept this outcome and bend over and take it. That we can be unified in our basic desires and goals. That we can make life exceedingly difficult for those in the government who would work against our equality, our safety, our basic rights as U.S. citizens.

We could conceivably convince a handful of electors that what the majority of Americans want is not Trump. And if not that, government officials on the whole could at least be made to see that we are far more unified and willing to take action than they realized and that we will not be quiet and complacent.

Maybe -- probably, even -- it'll turn out that we can't make a difference in the outcome of things before mid-December. But we can still make our voices heard, and we can continue to do so well beyond December. We can prevent a lot of damage from occurring, both within the U.S. and globally, if we UNIFY AND FIGHT. RIGHT. NOW.

You are all intelligent and informed people. You know what is at stake here. This is not just an ordinary election. This is not a "keep your head down and wait out the next four to eight years and hope it'll get better again" scenario.

Some food for thought: Trump just Tweeted (yep, he's already at it again) that protesting the outcome of the election is "not fair." Take a moment to really digest that. Exactly how many First Amendment rights does that contradict? I count at least three: the right to freedom of speech, the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and the right of the people to petition the government for a redress of grievances. But Trump -- the next president of the United States if we can't do anything about it -- cares less about the Constitution than he does throwing a temper tantrum like an eight-year-old shouting, "It's not fair!" (I fully expect him to follow it up soon with, "You never let me do anything fun!")

Also, for anyone who's been largely focused on the damage Trump can do within this country, allow me to direct you to a very enlightening video clip that succinctly sums up Trump's foreign policy -- such as it is.

Oh, and it looks like he's appointing a guy who thinks global warming is an alarmist myth to head up the EPA transition.

Well, look on the bright side. A person's ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual identity won't matter so much once we're all living on a planet that resembles a post-apocalyptic landscape ala Mad Max...

IT DOES NOT MATTER how you feel about Hillary Clinton. About Bernie Sanders. About any of those things dividing us and causing us to place the blame on each other rather than where it should be placed. We need to be one enormous, unified front that can direct our shock and outrage where it can make a difference.


(And yes, if you agree with this, please feel free to copy/paste and spread it as far and wide as you can. With or without profanity included. ;) I'll probably repost it on Monday for the benefit of those who tend to disappear from the internet over the weekends. Don't worry; I don't intend to turn my fandom space into a political blog. But some things need to be said.)

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Wednesday, November 9th, 2016
5:40 pm - PSA
I discovered this morning that my fears were valid -- that my mother is, in fact, pleased with the outcome of this election. After a brief but rage-inducing exchange, I told her that she is no longer the intelligent, open-minded woman who raised me and that I have nothing further to say to her, possibly ever.

If I'm not willing to accept casual support of misogyny, racism, xenophobia, bigotry, and dangerous ignorance from my own mother, I'm certainly not going to accept it from anyone else.

I've been pretty forgiving of differing views and opposing political alignments in the past, but this is something else entirely. I doubt that any of you on my f-list are Trump supporters, but if you are, kindly remove yourselves posthaste. As a like-minded person succinctly put it, "We are not friends."

...On the other hand, if any of you are aware of any legitimate protest movements to make this Not Happen, at least not without an enormous fight, pass me some links.

current mood: shocked, furious, and afraid

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Sunday, October 9th, 2016
12:27 am - To Whom it May Concern...

And we're returning to the usual format this year. The general information post is on [info]daily_deviant here -- with additional information for posting members here.

Members, take note! We're running on a tight schedule, so the wish collection period is only five days. Be sure you don't snooze and miss it!

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Monday, May 23rd, 2016
11:33 pm - PSA for Deviants!
Attn: Daily Deviant posting members!

We posted the June and July theme on Saturday. And since a lot of people tend to miss things that are posted during the weekend, I wanted to give everyone a heads up. If you plan to be writing/drawing in June or July, you'll need to get over to the comm to read the explanation and buy a vowel request a letter.

We really dig this theme, and so far the response seems to be positive. Hope everyone has fun with it! :D

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Saturday, April 2nd, 2016
1:27 am - Traumatized. For. Life.
Oh. My god. You guys. You guys. I am... For life... Traumatized... I am traumatized for life.

D8 D8 D8

Cat acne. It is a thing. I didn't realize that it was a thing until a week or so ago. But now I am so very, very aware that is is a thing.



Has that sunk in yet? Take a moment to visualize. Got it? Okay.

My cat had an enormous -- no, I mean enormous -- zit on his chin. Note I say "had." Past tense.

It must have been itchy. It certainly looked itchy. It must have felt like it looked. Because my cat came up and rubbed his chin on my nose.

And the zit... The zit. It... went...


On. My. Face.

It... It... Like... The insides of a tomato. A very ripe tomato.


...I have no emoticon to convey the actual levels of horror.

Traumatized. For. Life.

(I know. My first actual post in however long, and it's this?! Well, that's how traumatized I am!! This entry really does need a much longer introductory post about the zitty kitty, which I've been meaning to make, but... For now, you get just the acne. In much less vivid detail than I got it in. Consider yourselves fortunate.)

current mood: horrified

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Thursday, March 17th, 2016
11:11 pm - Daily Deviant's 10th Birthday Party is Ongoing!
As I've bragged about boggled over mentioned before, Daily Deviant is ten years old as of this month! We have a lot happening over on the comm that everyone can participate in.

• Folks are still looking for new people to add to their f-list at the FREAKY FRIENDING MEME (non-freaks welcome)!

• We're holding DAILY DRABBLE/DRAWBLE CHALLENGES all this week, and it's not too late to join in:
Monday's Prompt
Tuesday's Prompt
Wednesday's Prompt

• We're also asking for your MEMORABLE MESSAGES telling us how Daily Deviant has played a part in your famdom experience. (Hey, ten years is a long time in fandom terms, so we're allowed to be a little bit sentimental!)

• And you're welome to continue posting your RETROSPECTIVE RECS of the Daily Deviant pieces that have been most memorable to you over the years. If you'd like to contribute some of those, there are some convenient headers you can use in this post. (Watchers, feel free to either send your recs to us for posting OR post to your own journals and send us the link.)

If Daily Deviant has been a part of your fandom experience over the past decade, do stop by to help us celebrate!

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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016
2:58 pm - In Celebration of 10 Years...

Yes, you read that right! This month marks ten years in the Harry Potter fandom for Daily Deviant!

To celebrate, we'll be hosting a number of events and activities throughout March that both members and watchers can participate in. For details, see this post.

To kick things off, we're holding a Freaky Friending Meme! And yes, even not-so-freaky folks can join in. ;) Clicking the banner below will take you there...

art by [info]twilightsorcery

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Tuesday, January 19th, 2016
2:42 pm - Ten Years in Fandom Time is Like... FOREVER!

current mood: hopeful

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Sunday, January 10th, 2016
11:02 am - Banging Birthday Claiming Open to Everyone!

art by [info]thilia

Claiming of wishes for [info]daily_deviant's Banging Birthday is underway!

Remember, both posting members and watchers can take part. So if you'd like to make someone's smutty birthday celebration complete, go here to pick a porny prompt!

If all of the prompts appear to be taken or there are none left you think you can manage by the time you make it over there but you's still like to play, let us know! We always end up needing pinch hitters and additional pieces, so volunteers are welcome and appreciated.

It's a measly 1,000 words of risqué writing or one porny piece art! You can handle that, no sweat, right?! ;D

Claiming of wishes for [info]daily_deviant's Banging Birthday is underway!


Since this is the comm's 10th birthday and that's kind of a milestone, we'll be holding a number of other events to celebrate throughout March. Once again they'll be things that both members and watchers can participate in. Keep watching for more info...

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Friday, January 8th, 2016
8:44 pm - Come One, Come All! Come Three or Four Times!

art by [info]thilia

Help us celebrate our 10th birthday!

Prompt claiming begins Saturday (tomorrow!!) at noon U.S. Eastern time!

It's Kristmas in April! :D Member claiming begins at noon U.S. Eastern tomorrow. Watchers can join in at noon on Sunday.

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Tuesday, December 1st, 2015
2:17 pm - YAY!
Kinky Kristmas 2015: Comment Kink Edition is now OPEN!!

art by [info]venturous1

Both members and watchers welcome!
Click the banner to go to the KK:CK post... and begin stuffing those stockings!

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Wednesday, November 25th, 2015
8:41 pm - Good, Dirty Holiday Fun

art by [info]venturous1

Everyone is invited to join in this December on [info]daily_deviant!
Click the banner for more details...

Help us get the word out:

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Friday, September 18th, 2015
4:01 pm - Important for Daily Deviant Members!!
We need your input!

There's an info post and a poll up for Daily Deviant members on the comm. Please take a few moments to read and answer the poll question.

Thanks, you wonderful bunch of pervs! ;)

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Friday, July 10th, 2015
6:30 am - Long Overdue Pet Picspam
I've been intending to get some new pictures of Pansy and post them for ages. Since my f-list is sort of her collective godparent and all, I figure you deserve to see how she's doing. Sorry that these are so long overdue!

If anyone missed them and/or wants to compare, pics of her at about four months and seven months old are here and here.

Anyway, here she is in all her grown up, picky princess-y glory:

Click for Fuzzies )

And that's that! I'll try not to go four years without posting more. *facepalm*

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Monday, June 8th, 2015
3:13 pm - A New Definition of Irony
Irony: Cleaning the hell out of your home in order to annihilate invading fleas and unexpectedly unearthing a box of Revolution flea treatment for cats in the process. (After already having treated the cats, naturally.)

Yep, Ari-dog seems to have acquired the Invisible Fleas yet again. *groan* Fortunately I have lots of experience with the little buggers and know how to get rid of them. I hope.

Now that I think about it, there might also be some small irony in the fact that this has happened right after I made a post about daddy-longlegs.

Pointless post is pretty pointless, but I'm taking baby steps toward posting more regularly again!

current mood: bugged

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Friday, June 5th, 2015
8:06 am - Daddy-Longlegs(es)?
Random post is totally random. But maybe informative?

I saw a discussion taking place where daddy-longlegs were mentioned and there was some vague disagreement about whether or not they're spiders, whether they bite, etc. I knew the whole "they're super duper poisonous and deadly to humans, but their fangs are too short to pierce human skin" thing was a myth, but I thought I'd look the exact information up while I was online and thinking about it.

It turns out that part of the confusion is due to the fact that there are two separate things: the daddy-longlegs and the daddy-longlegs spider.

The first thing that people call daddy-longlegs (also called harvestmen) are not spiders. They're arachnids, but they belong to a different order from spiders. They do have eight legs, but are not predators (mostly; they do prey on insects opportunistically sometimes, but they generally eat decomposing plant and animal matter) and do not have venom or fangs. They have only two eyes and don't spin webs.

The daddy-longlegs spider used to more commonly be called the cellar spider due to, well, the sort of places where they like to hang out. They have six to eight eyes (depending upon species) and spin webs. They do have venom, but it's relatively weak even in its effect on insects, so they certainly aren't poisonous enough to be a threat to humans (unless there's a severe allergic reaction maybe). Their fangs are short -- shorter than the average human skin thickness, actually. There doesn't seem to be any scientific evidence demonstrating that they can bite humans, but colloquially some people have reported feeling a bite -- including Adam Savage of Mythbusters.

Here's how to tell which one of the little buggers you're looking at: Spiders have two body segments (fused head-thorax plus abdomen). The legs are attached to the front segment, then they have a bulbous or cylindrical back segment. There's a visible "waist". Harvestmen have only one body segment. The legs are attached to the main body and there's no waist.

If you're not completely creeped out by such things, here and here are a couple of pictures of daddy-longlegs/harvestmen, and here and here are daddy-longlegs spiders/cellar spiders.

...Or if you are completely creeped out by such things, here and here are much friendlier images. ;)

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Tuesday, May 12th, 2015
12:46 pm - LAST CALL!!
ATTN: ANYONE GOING TO MISTI-CON! If you're going to be there and you haven't let me know yet, speak up now!

As has already been announced all over hell and creation, [info]akatnamedeaster and I are working on putting together Snack and Snupin meet-ups, and [info]ragdoll and I are making devious plans for a Daily Deviant party.

HOWEVER. If no one beyond our "usual suspects" will be attending, we don't see much point in pulling out all the stops. So if you're interested in the meet-ups and/or the party and haven't let us know, DO IT NOW, or we'll all miss out on all sorts of fun and goodies!

Info and planning for the meet-ups is on [info]snisti_con.

Info and planning for the Daily Deviant party (not limited to comm members, BTW!) is on [info]kinky_misti.

JOIN and WATCH them, or at least LET US KNOW if you're on board!

We're about to start working on final goodies and such, so we need a head count and general interest level ASAP.

See you all in just over a week!!

current mood: hopeful

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Sunday, April 19th, 2015
12:07 am - Another Very Important Question
What does one do with a heap of BL/yaoi manga that one wants to get rid of but which isn't worth the time and effort to sell?

Somehow this doesn't seem like the sort of thing I should just leave on the "free stuff" table in the laundry room. *snerk*

O wise f-list, I humbly await your useful/brilliant/facetious/hilarious/totally unhelpful answers!

current mood: baffled

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Friday, April 3rd, 2015
12:09 am - Who's Going to MISTI-Con?! (Part Two!)
Well, as usual, it seems I can't just go to a con. I have to go to a con and do things.

So for those of you who'll be there, the Things:

Thing 1: [info]akatnamedeaster and I are planning Snack and Snupin meet-ups! (Most likely it'll be a Snack hour followed by a Snupin hour, so people can easily attend one, the other, or both.) Anyone who's interested, go join [info]snisti_con and check out the intro post.

Thing 2: [info]ragdoll and I are planning a Daily Deviant party! All Daily Deviant members are invited! But we also anticipate several party-goers who aren't d_d members. The shindig is for "Deviants and Friends," so if you're on our f-lists, you're most likely welcome. ;D Anyone who's interested, go join [info]kinky_misti and check out the (locked) intro post.

Hope to see lots of you there!

current mood: optimistic

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Friday, March 13th, 2015
2:42 pm - Very Important Question
Once again, I apologize for my continued silence here. Life is still not letting me have any fun. *grump* I'm in the midst of a lot of plans and changes at the moment... and I'm hoping that, once I'm at the other end of them, I might be able to become a bit more visible again.

For the moment, however, I have a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION to ask everyone:


I'm definitely going, and I want to plan some meet-ups and get-togethers and such. So I need to know who's going to be there! If you're going, let me know -- and tell me who'll be there with you. Who do I get to see in a couple of months??

current mood: hopeful

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